coil form 616



Automatically bends and shears deformed reinforcing steel from coil, #2 (6mm) through #4 (12mm) dual strand and #5 (16mm) single strand. The Coil Form 616 C handles coiled reinforcing steel stock. Remove smaller diameter bar from the shearlines and bend and cut with one machine.

The Coil Form 616 C has been designed to achieve very high speeds while maintaining accurate production. This machine is driven by servo motors on all rotational axis and pneumatic cylinders handle the linear axis. The straightening system is controlled utilizing a mechanical memory system with four separate size settings. The straightening rolls can be preset, recalled and changed quickly and easily allowing changeover time to be minimized and maximize production time. KRB Coil cradles are supplied for processing coiled stock. Eliminating small diameter bars from conventional shearlines and table benders greatly increases the overall production of your shop.